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Why Choose Bi-Fold

Bi-folding doors are quickly becoming one of the most popular door choices for modern home owners. The aesthetic benefits of a bi-fold door is clear to see, allowing you to flood natural light into your home and completely open your home up in the summer months. Modern bi-fold doors utilise ultra slim UPVC or Aluminium frames to allow maximum space for glazing, light and views. However The sleek style of the frames won’t impact performance, in fact both UPVC and Aluminium bi-fold doors excel when it comes to durability and thermal efficiency. 

The Benefits Of Bi-Fold Doors

The range of benefits from bi-fold doors could surprise a few they exel when its come to aesthetic design and thermal efficiency. 

Some benefits include: 

  • Maximise natural light 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Sliding track multi point locking system
  • Save on energy bills 
  • Customisable  

Aluminium Vs UPVC?


While both bi-fold framing options share a lot of benefits, choosing between them can sometimes be a tough decision. Starting with an important factor for many, cost. Aluminium frames are usually more expensive than their UPVC counterparts however they are more durable and are known to have a much longer life span. 


When it comes to aesthetic view UPVC frames require more space and smaller areas of glazing while aluminium frames are designed for larger glazing surface areas. Often the look of the bi-fold door will depend on your home and room so it often comes down to personal preference. 


Aluminium bi-folds are very low maintenance and will only require occasional cleaning with hot soapy water. Meanwhile UPVC bi-folds are more susceptible to warping and cracks in the paint work over time. UPVC frames will need to be repainted or even replaced much sooner than aluminium ones. 

Thermal Efficiency

While on paper aluminium framing does outperform UPVC frames this often comes down to the quality of the product. When using Seaview Windows all our bi-fold UPVC frames are manufactured from the round up with thermal efficiency in mind. So both frame types are sure to give your home the thermal efficiency benefits you have been looking for.


While it should be noted that regardless of the material used any home product should be regularly and well maintained in order to extend its life span as far as possible. Aluminum is an exceptionally strong material and can be powder coated to ensure they are scratch and more weather resistant. UPVC frames are also brilliant at insulating warmth in your home but will require more maintenance when it comes to extreme hot and cold weathers. 

Quality Materials

When comparing and contrasting material types it is always important to bear in mind the materials quality has the biggest effect on your products performance. So high quality UPVC will always outperform low quality aluminium and vice versa. Luckily when  you use Seaview Windows all our products are sourced from some of Europe’s leading manufactures meaning they come with a lengthy manufacturer guarantee and will perform for years to come.

What Our Customers Say

A front porch and a back porch

Excellent work and customer service. We’re absolutely in love with our new porch and lean to at the back. Originally we had planned to use the space as a utility room, but now that the work has been done to such a high standard we have other plans and intend to use it as a reading nook. We would highly recommend them.

Replacement UPVC windows

Very pleased with the work to replace old metal frame with UPVC windows. Impressed that they could get 4 windows done in one day! The team were friendly and professional, tidied up after themselves and made sure we were happy before leaving. Price was competitive. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!

All new windows, doors and cills installed.

The work the lads have done for me has been great. Pete gave me advice on other things that would finish the job off nicely and done the extra work to finish everything off. The work has been done quickly, cleanly and to I high standard.

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